Mar 31, 2007

Weightless Social Density

Saskia Jorda - Obstetrics 1 (2005)

Not to be confused with Madison's The Box Social, Philadelphia's Hail Social unpacks disco grooves that keep the dance going without all the uncomfortable sweat. Throughout the new album Modern Love & Death, lead Dayve Hawk's acrobatic vocals contortion around the corners of step-regimented bass blips until the musical batter is whipped into a fine, sweet moose. In downtempo "Paralyzed", the stoic moose is rocketed into a seemingly still 25,000MPH astrological orbit... remaining outside but integrally focused on the gravity of human nature. While the title-track "Modern Love & Death" exposes the grandiose Scissor Sisters influence, album-standout "Heaven" honestly captures the nebulous hollow of disco loneliness. Chaotic attempts at description aside, the sound successfully pairs emotive self-reflection with toe-tapping glee. And like most great efforts, it never thinks it's good enough.

Hail Social - Heaven (mp3)

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At Monday, April 02, 2007, Anonymous Kao said...

That is an awesome picture/painting.


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