Apr 21, 2007

Get Out and Enjoy the Sun

Tim Davis - Cherry Tree (2006)

Windows creaked a discordant alarm this morning, but a hot sun ushered the welcome. Sheets and sweaters were immediately stripped for sandals and smiles that stretched out into the fresh world of air waiting to be felt on the skin. Streaks of warmth reached places where the cold had abandoned them forgotten. Fraternity members swatting at beer cans with a plastic bat in the parking lot were suddenly joyous instead of annoying. And lofting quarters at them from the fourth floor was playful instead of spiteful. To top it off, Peter & The Wolf are playing the same Madison Rathskellar tonight where Jason Molina and his acoustic climbed atop a wooden table just a week earlier. Finally, the window boasts a landscape worthy of such a soundtrack.

Peter & The Wolf - Red Sun (mp3)

Jason Molina - Get Out Get Out Get Out (mp3)


At Sunday, April 22, 2007, Blogger Johnny said...

The weather was lovely. I broke out the shorts and sandals. Which was great when I went walking with the inividuals at work. They were all in their church clothes, khakis, leather shoes, button down shirts, and me with my t-shirt shorts, and sandals. I didn't look like a bum or anything. Actually more like a non-conformist baptist or something.


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