Apr 30, 2007

No Absolution

Li Zhanyang - Traffic Accident (2005)

In our world of no absolutes, absolution is morally and etymologically rooted in absolute faith. No where is the complexity of this conflict more lost than in the simple beauty of Tennessee, where spent I last week wandering (sorry for the lapse in posting). In the mountains, rivers sprout from their genesis and rush into rivulets with immediate purpose. The same unselfconsciousness is echoed in dinner theaters where dancing gospel choirs wipe vague religious patriotism all over callous war atrocities like the audience wipes barbecue sauce on their pants.

Faithfulness seems uptight in the Catholic religion, but the Southern faithful played with their religious icons along the road in a devoted way I couldn't dissociate from mockery. Jesus signs autographs outside "The Miracle Theater", home to an action-packed, bible-themed Broadway show advertised as "Thrilling". A five-story Jesus resurrects from a huge man-made lake along I-75. Entire scenes of life-sized wax dioramas depict bible stories at Christus Gardens, but there's no room for wandering; the tour is very specifically timed with pre-written narration and hymns. Office space and gyms are advertised as being blessed by God himself. Absolute faithfulness seems to be absolutely delusional, but if judgement day comes, they're certainly absolute.

Silver Jews - Tennessee (mp3)


At Sunday, May 06, 2007, Blogger Johnny said...

I'm so jealous, Christus Gardens AND Jesus signing autographs!!!!


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