Apr 22, 2007

Pencilina Ascension

Christian Gonzenbach - Propulsion (2007)

Alberto Gonzales is little more than a carcass after the Senate Judiciary Committee skinned him this week. Politics often seems to be the art of catching someone in a technicality and emphasizing it for the retribution a larger injustice that is somehow unprosecutable. Like someone legally disrespecting and ruining the reputations of eight highly respected US Attorneys, but being damned by his inability to lie consistently about the reasons. This track plays like the ascension of his remnants. The pencilina is solemn and respectful, but remains stern with Bradford's percussive confrontations. It ushers a resignation without being sure that it's going to make any difference and doesn't rest until the dissonance is spoken but lulled out of earshot. Hopes that any justice will result are graciously avoided by intently focusing on re-tuning.

Bradford Reed - Star, Sky, & Hutch (mp3)


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