Apr 13, 2007

Tabernacle of the Immaculate Beatbox

Ring My Bell - Leslie Hall (2007)

Gemmed art-rap from Iowa is freeing the world and the world has Leslie Hall to thank. Adorned with the chubby wisdom of the proverbial Buddha and a mosaic of glistening gemstones, Leslie Hall's belly resonates with the beats of gitty transcendence. The clenching of it's core strength pressurizes corn-fed lyrics until they shine like diamonds. Unlike other religious figures, you can access her glory 24-hours-a-day at the modern Mecca of internet culture. But you're only praying to a pizza pan until your town is blessed by a live visit, which is the holy truth in Madison tonight. If you're in Madison, check it out at Cafe Montmartre. If you're anywhere else, check the calendar to find out if you're next.

Tears for Fears - Heels (mp3)


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