Apr 8, 2007

That's For Sure... I Mean, Uh, You Know.

Truth Tag - Urban Irony (2007) [Wroclaw, Poland]

My efforts to distill meaning from the French language through syntax alone are proving futile, so I have very little substance to report. But the song (like most good pop) is absolutely fine without. Soko's desperation is indescribably callous as it flickers and flares with the kindling of her story. The pauses in her monologue suggest a first take, but she stumbles along the perfect lines of a strangely retrained pop song. It's process-focused meandering is key to its discoveries, kind of like how the tears come only when you start talking about it.

SoKo - I'll Kill Her (mp3)


At Friday, April 13, 2007, Blogger The Poo Harmony said...

sweetness. i might not be able to come to MT. i'd still love to meet you?! how can we make that happen?


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