Apr 3, 2007

People Like Us

Vicki Benett - People Like Us (always)

In a creative commons, we can find People Like Us; people who value creativity and collaboration above copyrights. It seems the best challenge of excessive restriction is actually demonstrating the spirit of the open source argument. Especially since very few of us have legislators who will tell our stories to power like Gregg "Girl Talk" Gillis' Representative Mike Doyle. I've always had a stronger feeling for what I stand against that what I stand for. But Vicki spends less of her time graffiting the existing walls of opression and more time ignoring them as she chooses to live her life as a free art commons. Collage is clearly the natural aggregate of this diverse commons, of this revolution, and of this generation. And Vicki's work is the freeform mascot.

People Like Us - SwingLargo (mp3)

People Like Us - Bitter Dregs (mp3)


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