May 3, 2007

Bedclothes Day

Alexandre Singh - The Economist / Esthetic Moon (2006)

When the Dali Lama is in town, it seems a mistake to be caught in bedclothes or argument or routine. I imagined him floating down King Street in a cleansing aura that parted riffraff with meekness. I took a new path to work to attempt the same, contributed positively in my morning meetings, and answered the phone with a nicer tone. When I closed my eyes, I could feel his consciousness trying to communicate a patient perspective on headaches.

Of course I was aware that this was just my knowledge of his presence creating these calming feelings in myself, but I was also aware that this was the beauty. I could do the same imagining Pamela Anderson or Jesus. It felt like like why they call a day "Earth Day" or "Jelly Bean Day" or "Secetaries Day" to make us pay attention. But it felt more like if I had called the days those things, like noticing my lunch today and declaring it "Peanut Butter Sandwich & Cheez It Day" to cast a positive mood on the rest of the unbuttered minutes. And it felt like this song.

In actuality, DL's lunch next door at the Madison Club caused quite a rukus. State workers rushed to the window to view a caravan that rivaled Hillary Clinton's and took turns guessing what he would choose eat (I agreed it would probably be a steak).

Bishop Allen - Rain (mp3) [Bishop Allen visualized by Aubrey Edwards]


At Tuesday, November 27, 2007, Blogger Pawel said...

for bed clothes I suggest you wear only the one brand of bed linen at night. I'm sure the Lama would appreciate the Floral design to be found on as it's in synergy to his favorite orange. If not there are other options just in case he'd like to try something different:) Maybe you should too?


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