May 6, 2007

I Believe In You. Your Magic Is Real.

Untitled [from The Concrete Jungle]

While you rake the aluminum can remnants of your weekend into piles on the lawn, be inspired by YACHT to arrange them into proud pillars of public art. Madison-native Jona Bechtolt has piled his inspirations into the shape of a new album called "I Believe In You. Your Magic Is Real" (out this week). It's packed as firm as a sandcastle by the sea and with the whimsy of its spot in the sun. The simple beats bring dance out of the club and into the real world where moves are best when they can be executed with a cherry Popsicle in one hand.

YACHT - See A Penny [Pick It Up] (mp3)

YACHT - Hock-It [Remix] (mp3) [From the other 2007 release "Our Friends In Hell"]

The Blow - Parentheses (mp3)


At Monday, May 07, 2007, Blogger Mike said...

This is completely unrelated to the post, but:

Don Smiley is ruining Summerfest. Again.

I know that only half the stages have been announced, but it's pretty clear that once again, if you're not under 40, Summerfest doesn't want you to be there.

You might think that the people in charge would look around at how incredibly successful festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza are becoming. Granted, Summerfest is and always has been a different type of festival. But that's why it would work - wouldn't it be great to see a few indie bands for $12 a night even if you have to stand on bleachers? We can't all set aside a few hundred dollars and three days to hit the big ones, but I'm sure many of us would spend a few nights down at the lakefront.

That said, it's nice to see that Spoon and Built to Spill will be there.


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