May 16, 2007

The Selection of Selfish Genes

The Cactus Project - Laura Cinti (2002)

The transgenic "Cactus Project" supplemented the Bolivian Rebutia Donaldiana cactus genome with human genes expressing hair. While the process was heavy on laboratory science, the plants grew in a museum exhibition with an enthusiasm usually hidden within the lengthy blocks of black and white text that define scientific journals.

If you like your genes shaken and not stirred, Madison's own The Selfish Gene is SPIN's Artist of the Day today! Activate a cascade of gene-centered altruism to help SPIN naturally select them as of Artist of the Month... click "RATE" near the bottom of the page and boost their survival fitness. Favorable traits to select for include a voice like Brit Daniels, robust guitars, cooperative harmonies, popular appeal, and an upbeat attitude. Richard Dawkins would be proud.

The Selfish Gene - Autopilot (mp3)


At Thursday, May 17, 2007, Blogger Mike said...

A similar project (that I'm sure you know about, Kyle):
Critical art formed a cult to worship the woman who donated her DNA to first be sequenced in the Human Genome Project. As part of their performance/mass, they offered bread and beer made with yeast spliced with parts of this woman's genome.

The big difference here, I suppose, is that the keratin gene was functionally integrated into the genome. I wonder if the cells organized into follicles or if strands just grew out of otherwise-ordinary cells?


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