May 4, 2007

A Ship Sailing On Dry Land

Julee Holcombe - Feast of the Newlyweds (2005)

This song is sung in a shadow, slouched low in an overstuffed chair, and in between sips of an impairing can of late-night grandiosity. Its tragic intimacy takes off its shoes and socks, but then proceeds to cut its toenails right in front of you. Instead of acknowledging your discomfort, it defends its rights and then can't understand your movement towards the door. But imaginary superpowers crumble next to the powerfully honest vulnerability of asserting them. Though its truth is exactly converse to its delusion, it is grapplingly present and deeply attractive in its authentic struggle with unattractiveness.

Thee More Shallows - I Can't Get Next To You (mp3):

Thee More Shallows visits Madison at Cafe Montmartre on Thursday, May 17th at 9PM.


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