Jun 10, 2007


June Bum Park - I Parking (2002)

Immediacy flows dangerously between enemy coasts of everything and nothing... and doesn't even seem to notice. Though one ebb thoroughly enjoys the playful cadence of today's winds that most of us missed, another seems to spin cold in self-restraint with a mental simplicity that misleadingly shares traits with stupidity. It prefers to avoid nicknames and ignores romantic assertions of cognates. As Tennyson philosophizes the purpose of its flow by noting "self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control; these three alone lead to sovereign power", it just flows. It pockets time saved from analyzing and takes the time to be. But what's the purpose of being without meaning? It's content that the realness of just being, like the straight-forwardness of this track, is the meaning.

Black Bear - I Believe In Immediacy (mp3)


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