Jul 5, 2007

Paralyzing Eyes

Melanie Pullen - Phones (2005)

Spy in the Mes - Dark Dancing Machine (mp3): This song is a raspy forgotten ukulele waking up in a black morning before dawn on an empty beach . The bonfire has long since burned out, the teenagers have all gone home, and a crisp wind blows through it's stiffened strings. It plays a groggy minor key that can't seem to distinguish the horizon between the dark water and the dark sky. [@ The Annex tomorrow 7/6]

Page France - The Ruby Ring Man (mp3): This is just as hungover, but dealing better as the sun begins to rise and settle. The glockenspiel is less piercing than first feared and sometimes even shines hopeful... as hopeful as the self-taught drummers in the mentioned broken heart parade who cannot wait to put their instruments down on the sand and rest. One can only stand for so long. [@ Cafe Montmartre tonight 7/5]


At Sunday, July 08, 2007, Blogger Johnny said...

Wow, Melaine Pullens photographs are awesome!

At Monday, July 09, 2007, Blogger Kyle said...

Yeah, killer awesome.


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