Jul 13, 2007

Trust Joyously Popped Rock

Kelley Walker - Untitled [Car Windshield] (2004)

Robbers On High Street - Crown Victoria (mp3): This song knocks over the tray of cocktail weenies and eats them off the floor with pinkies extended. As it bends over, the column of ivory buttons on its tight black pea coat pop off one by one and roll single-file in a jubilant parade. One button joyously sacrificed for each weenie. This confidence of Ben Trokan (lead singer) celebrating costume deconstruction swaggers as hollowly upbeat and beautifully reckless much like Kelley Walker's ornately bedazzled aftermath. Both sparkle complex and alluring. Note: the weenies can be substituted with Ralph Nader's pudenda for $2 extra.

[Robbers On High Street will play Saturday July 14th at Madison's High Noon Saloon]


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