Jun 4, 2007

You're A Wasp Nest

Mykola Zhuravel - Aggressive Beekeeping (2002)

Madison music blog Muzzle of Bees welcomes The National to the High Noon Saloon this Saturday with the highest of acclaim for their recently released album "Boxer". It's certainly a steady companion and formidable follow up to "Alligator", but this weekend is our chance to see how it plays live.

Matt Beringer's vocals scratch like a slightly-more-dexterous Bill Callahan and resonate like sustained effort through a struggle. Words push through his throat like an arm through an uncooperative wool sleeve; reasonable sacrifice if the outcome is the comfort of a favourite sweater. Some National songs emerge gristly and confrontational ("Abel"), but most glisten softly with perspective like shattered beer bottles in morning streets; telling remnants of a past scourge. Everyone wants to witness a crisis, but lasting importance is asserted by those gradual experiences that necessitate extended reflection. Their persistance leaves the shallow pomp for the birds while embedding deep in intention, tone, and focus. Stories steeped in such experience can be heard throughout The National's work.

The National - Wasp Nest (mp3) [From "Chery Tree"]


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