Jul 22, 2007

How Much Time Do We Have Left?

Simon Heijdens - Tree (2004)

Simon Heijden's "Tree" is an eight-meter urban projection attached to a delicate technological balance that responds to wind and passersby with seemingly trivial but eventually transformative leaf swaying and dropping. Psychologists define both projections and graffiti as destructive. But I think this graffiti projection technology holds the key to a break through. Especially if it can seed fake forests that reveal real nature.

Make Things Make You - Amazing Trees of the World (mp3): Luke works up a ceremonial gong until it shatters in slow motion complexity throughout the life of this piece, whose remnants become literally drained with the dishwater. And showcasing his characteristic knack at naturally framing songs, this one closes with the whisper of a special love waiting for you to finish all that hard work and come to bed.

Make Things Make You - Building Nothing Out of Something (mp3): Starting with a deep breath and a hesitant drone, this song's intentions are more accessible and telling. It articulates a caring belief in meaning through creation, but is plenty seasoned to know the importance of being able to fold that optimism right back on itself.

[Download the entire album for free here.]


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