Jul 9, 2007

I Should've California.

Joseph Hart - Factoid #2 (2006)

For the wanderer, this song is scribbled across the entire calendar month before lease expiration. Its a reminder of missed potential in advance but too late; like the red pen on the first page of a mistaken term paper you can't revise about the vague evidence of angels. Turns out the photo albums of widows are more likely filled with hallucinatory regret than mysterious religious orbs. And while you dreamed of illuminating the heavenly possibility, you've missed the point and damned yourself to a "C" and the same tiny apartment. But I've wandered from the point...

Billboards of this song should be regularly wallpapered over those that smile and say "do not regret, it's so negative". The designers of those messages would realize they could've been more realistic if they had any regrets. Realistic about what? About the real dangers of getting stuck. About how by not making a decision, you've made the wrong decision. About how this often seems like an a
ccident, but not one that removes fault. But also about how even by carefully shaping your life like a topiary, you may end up with one that looks like a decapitated teddy bear. And especially about how it doesn't much matter.

Two Cow Garage - Should've California (mp3)


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