Jul 23, 2007

This Day Belongs To You

Ray Caesar - Hally Lou (2007)

Marla Hansen - Wedding Day (mp3): These woodwinds waft carefully through natural bends in their hollow wooden tubes, only slightly self-conscious that their sound is inherent to its containment. The singing wind holds back with a hint of fear at its own gradual release into nothingness, leaving only pianos to ripple. Its subtle pace lets observation flower into appreciation, unmeddling so as not to disrupt a simple summer wedding between the two. The same kind of wedding that happens between two people on top of a grassy hill with only the wildflowers watching. And the kind that breathes the conversation in the quiet and the freedom in the containment.

[Marla's EP comes out September 4th, but her Take Away Shows (w/ The Inlets) can tide you over until then]


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