Jul 2, 2007

We're Phoning In Our Never Minds

Ian Ferguson - A Man And His Pan (2006-2007)

We were defined by how we function. The tools we assembled from dirt and cleverness differentiated us. They cooked us dinner and made us juice and danced in infomercials that kept us company late into the night. Our acuity built buildings that twisted to the sky and planes that toppled them into the streets. We began affixing machines to each other and into complex, multi-pronged circuits that masturbated into each others eyes and recycled our tears before we had them. Pictures of their neon green superiority were plastered over our paintings and we worked our entire lives to acquire them in large quantities. Our typeface quietly changed the definition of simplicity to waste, inefficiency to failure, and the unknown to the unwieldy. We wrote the consequences of these new words into volumes of books without a pen. And somewhere along the way we became defined by how we overfunction.

Earlimart - Nevermind the Phonecalls (mp3)


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