Aug 6, 2007

Accidental Eulogies

Marcy Adzich - Large Surface Area (2006)

Press kits and promotional emails are usually formulaic, hyperbolic, and meaningfully barren. But sometimes the paperwork is a fittingly ironic and subtle vehicle for art. In such a vehicle, on tour and one flat-tire shy of a good story, I found this description. It's about the band Eulogies and even more about the process of accidentally starting a band.

"They became a band in any one of a hundred truck stops, dozens of late nights in motel rooms, in between telephone busy signals and botched driving directions, at sound checks and in dressing rooms."

I'm not sure why that struck me, perhaps because it speaks of the relationships that happen organically during a travel through life with someone, sharing a forgettable number of passing words but an entire world of rearview memories. I picture this Eulogies song playing on some high and raspy AM station while driving across the surreal landscape of the Marcy Adzich sculpture "Large Surface Area", reminding of Ireland and smallness and the simplicity of life on the individual planets of the Little Prince. And mostly reminding that this time it's without you.

Eulogies - One Man (mp3)


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