Aug 16, 2007

Surrounded By White

Sean Healy - Egghead (2006) [resin, chewing gum, table]

I'll attempt to proceed while the layout is in disarray. It's like composing delicate strategic plans amidst the stuttering Auto-Formatting of Microsoft Word. Or like writing poetry atop the roof of a hurricane-drowned house while columns of chaotic whitewater rush around me. My inappropriate affective response to a heightened level of danger and immediacy is sleep, so here's a lullaby about swords. Listen to it to drift asleep while you should be attending to your trashed bedroom, to your plunging bank account, to getting an oil change, to a ruinous filing system, to the knocks at your door, to forgotten motivations for self-improvement, and to an overseas war.

Billy Harvey - Soft Blade (mp3): Hooray for musician websites as creative installations that complement the mood of music. Billy's is award-winning.


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