Oct 19, 2007

Critics Dismiss My Work as Naïve Terrorism

Kyle Trowbridge - Untitled [Critics dismiss my work as naïve terrorism] (2006)

Over the Rhine - The Trumpet Child (mp3): Lindford Detwiler and Karin Bergquist achieve innovation through retrospection in this fresh jazzy take on Over the Rhine. It barrels bold as if propelled by cranks of rusty machinery and swells like its a bit tipsy on something elegantly destructive. The emotive strength of the female vocal is just incredible enough to carry confidence through questionably smooth saxophone interlude. [buy]


At Monday, October 29, 2007, Blogger Laura! said...

thanks for posting this. this is more jazzy than 'i want you to be my love' which i assume i downloaded here too... anyway, good stuff.


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