Oct 31, 2007

Twisted Oak Groove

Laurie Hogin - Benjamin's Macaque (2005)

PJ Harvey - Grow Grow Grow: White Chalk's disengaged mood is the perfect costume for Halloween. This song is backed in scraps of felt, duct-taped to your torso, and squirted with ketchup. It is the howling and encircling of the crisp evening. It is the closed black shudders leaving gaping cracks for mystery. It's the human body with a disproportionately sized head. It's a toy piano echoing in a large empty hall. It's the ornate alone.

--late addition--

No Kids - For Halloween: This is more literal. It is about Halloween, not of it. It is more the improvised dance at the after-party.


At Thursday, November 01, 2007, Anonymous el jefe said...

"Underneath the Twisted Oak Grove" - very nice! But I'm prejudiced.

I do also really like the Macaque.

Cheers! - j


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