Oct 30, 2007

MadPop Preview: Bon Iver

Paul Shambroom - Dassel City Council, Dassel, Minnesota (population 1,134),
(L to R): Nancy Nichalson, Ava Flachmeyer (Mayor), Jan Casey, Sherlyn Bjork (Deputy Clerk)

Bon Iver - Skinny Love (mp3): Northern Wisconsin this time of year is stale like its leaves; fields stripped bare and peppered only with still potential energy bundled in orange jumpsuits. But under the cold winds of dying, carcases nourish the hidden movements of hibernators like Justin Vernon - whose upcoming album "For Emma, Forever Ago" is beefing up for its 2008 release. It's passionate like telling untold stories after a can of beer, passionate like tinkering with greasy projects in the garage.

*See Bon Iver live at Madison PopFest's Muzzle of Bees Showcase (November 10th)


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