Nov 3, 2007

MadPop Preview: Billy Harvey

Billy Harvey - The World Is On Fire (2007)

Billy Harvey mixes the subtle songwriting of Elliott Smith with the sound and sense of humor of the Eels. His songs are simple offerings crafted of human hands about watching TV, doing karate, and meeting up at the bars later. He's heartfelt in the realistic sometimes-struggling, sometimes-quiet definition of the word - not its common overuse to promote puppy rescue. Like with all good friends, taking the time to enjoy his slow sensibility is rewarded with entertaining quirks, moments of poignant reflection, and citrus rainstorms.

Billy Harvey - Soft Blade (mp3)

*Check out his incredible, SXSW-award-winning website (seriously, it's a piece of art) and his performance at Music Hall for Madison Pop Fest on Friday evening.


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