Nov 5, 2007

MadPop Preview: Circuit-Bending Madness

In partnership with local bent-label Tiger Claw Records, is pleased to present Circuit-Bending Madness at the Madison Pop Fest this Saturday in the Memorial Union from 4-9PM. Beginners and addicts are invited to participate in free workshops and performances from the best benders in the Midwest.

Circuit-Bending is the creative DIY art of short-circuiting low voltage,
battery-powered electronic audio devices
(including synthesizers
and children's toys)
to create new musical instruments.

All knowledge, supplies, and plenty of toys will be provided for FREE. Come experiment and learn a new skill. The star-studded lineup is as follows:

[4:00] Basic Circuit-Bending Workshop (Beatrix*JAR)

[5:00] Advanced Circuit-Bending Workshop (

[7:00] Performance: Talking Computron (Iowa City, IA)
[7:30] Performance: Roth Mobot (Chicago, IL)
[8:00] Performance: Beatrix*JAR (Minneapolis, MN)
[8:30] Performance: Life As Number Five (Madison, WI)


At Thursday, November 08, 2007, Blogger Jonk said...

Hey Kyle, thanks for the hello comment on my White Williams post. I'm making the trek down to Madison on Saturday to catch some of Pop, unfortunately I'll miss your showcase. I was talking to Wyndham recently about my blog doing some sort of sponsorship, but it was kind of late in the game so nothing was worked out. Maybe next year, though? Hope it all goes well this weekend.

At Thursday, November 08, 2007, Blogger Johnny said...

I'll be there! Sounds like a great time.


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