Nov 12, 2007

Your Expected Wait Time

Phillippe Kindelis - The TV Remote Control (2007) [from Order & Chaos]

Is it possible that the deliberate simplification of our technological interfaces is dumbing us down? That making products "easier to use" is dissociating ourselves with the very physics that makes our world fascinating? Like how pop music gets easier and easier to listen to as it gets farther and farther away from musicianship? Phillippe Kindelis offers a line of thought that empowers us to reject spending our conveniently empty time thinking about what new simple product to buy and more time living our lives in the processes of life itself.

The TV remote control uses the principle of water displacement and the conductive properties of water to connect different cables. It highlights principles and processes that the user can interact with. It is an exploration as to whether water and electricity can be put together to create a new narrative in the way we interact with technological products. See it in action.

Andy Ditzler - Shifting Alliances [Rock Against Fundamentalism II] (mp3): Shuffling in and overcompensating with openness, this song agrees. It extends its arm lanky like the title and spills its awkward inaccessibility with an immediate lack of a traditional melody. It hides its true musicianship after a comfortable barrier of quirky conversation and hollow pop culture references. The process of hiding its personality in a maze of intricate mannerisms misleadingly becomes its personality. Until the layers of defense are slowly removed to reveal a jubilant golden city at its core.


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