Nov 26, 2007

Understanding Later That She's Shooting At You

Izima Kaoru - Tominaga Ai Wears Prada #402 (2003)

Had I been a stronger man, I would have whisked you off your feet. I'd have lavished you as demanded by reducing the need for your dramatic high heels to style alone. I'd have understood the disgust implicit in tucking your skirt tightly around your thighs while sitting on my secondhand couch, evidence that your presence was deliberate. Despite.

I would have taken you away if I had known what you wanted me to know, but didn't want to tell me. That he was alive, but you weren't. I would have echoed your painful glance with the same, plus a kiss. I'd have drank the callous words from your lips. I'd have been exactly what you were looking for and saw. Your haunting brown eyes wanted to grab my collar, especially because your lashes always batted them back. I wouldn't have accepted hesitations behind thin fingers on your lips or assertions of personal space. I'd have interpreted your rules each as an effort to try and tell me to break them.

In the formal discourse of your stare, the requests came between the typed lines. You wanted to be forced. Your statute wanted to be broken, your hair tossed. You wanted to be shaken. You wanted to be dislodged from your situation. You wanted to be fucked in the back of your car. You wanted to tell him. And then be whisked away. You told me this once, but the words said you could no longer speak to me.

The Inlets - See Her, Seer (mp3)

Christina Aguilera - Slow Down Baby (mp3)


At Monday, November 26, 2007, Blogger Jenny said...

That Christina song will make a lovely addition to Courtney's and my "Men Suck" playlist. Right up there will "Bills, Bills, Bills" and Kelis.

Also, I'm liking the return to the possibly autobiographical, possibly fiction, generally cryptic blogging format.

At Monday, November 26, 2007, Blogger Kyle said...

I've been listening to music as stories lately. Thanks for the nice comment.

At Wednesday, November 28, 2007, Anonymous Bessie said...

Is this a true to life analogy? If so, I would like to commend you, for being correct sir.

It is always what they want. I don't like ambiguity (personally). C'est la vie.


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