Dec 27, 2007

Because He Needs to Hear It Too

Taishan Schierenberg - Lydia (2005)

Chris lags behind the first couple lines of this C-side. Why? you ask politely instead of taking another sip of tea. Because he is being chased backwards by what he sees in the future. His music doesn't make a sound, and he mumbles to remind himself that this is how it must be. He keeps repeating it. you state in away that also sounds like an inquiry. Stop listening to what he says and start listening to why he needs to say it. He rocks himself to sleep with the repetition in order to ignore the streetlights. When they don't go away, he proclaims it even louder as if to try and shut them up. He lives on an island. That sounds nice. you say.

Chris Garneau - The Island Song (mp3) [buy]


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