Dec 25, 2007

Could've Killed Me

Stephen Chambers - Treehouse (2006)

Usually, a love song expresses commonality. It will sing like hands are held under the table at dinners shared, like vows woven into a singular cliched crochet, like similar minds meant for each other. Unusually, however, a love song tells a truer story of difference. This one sounds more like conflict in the crashing of two spirits, like kidnapping each other and both being surprised, like trying desperately to learn how to share something other than the same vulnerability of death. And, at least in this case, the love song survives by its erratic tendency to sometimes be caught naked in the rain. Written in genotype, its difference is its redemption. It must shiver, it must toss your furniture, it must be carved jagged, it must be one duet of two.

Scout Niblett [ft Will Oldham] - Kiss (mp3) [video]


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