Dec 23, 2007

Recipes for Christmas That Don't Come From A Store

Rich Aucoin - Personal Publication EP Sync

For a yuletide mixed with indie froth, pop in Rich Aucoin's Personal Publication EP and a DVD of the original How The Grinch Stole Christmas. The album was painstakingly written to synchronize with the movie and grow your heart at least two sizes. Animated whos rejoice with trumpets, evergreens bounce with the hi-hat, facial expressions resonate to the vibraphone, ornaments glisten in rows of the glokenspiel... all in an impressively subtle feat of audio-visual brilliance for the talented multi-instrumentalist and for an album that quite honestly stands on its own.

Rich (also of Hylozoists) singlehandedly fills sparsely decorated bedrooms with the gradiosity of the Flaming Lips, empty tea mugs with the intimate storytelling of Sufjan Stevens, and quiet winter evenings with parades of instrumentation. The resultant recording is a magnificently proficient pairing of eccentricity and theme song accessibility. It makes you confident that the robot dance you choreographed alone in your room will one day air on MTV.

Rich Aucoin - 10,432 Cuts For The US [An Exploding] (mp3)

Rich Aucoin - At War With the Cynics (mp3) [buy]


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