Dec 16, 2007

Twelve Beats Deep In Ruin

Julie Cook - Siguiriya Lamenting Place [from Duende A Time For Healing] (2006)

To express anguish, lament and dispair through the heart of the deep song named cante jondo. This place, position and space offers refuge for the body. Provides rest for the weary and reduces the symptoms of grief or sorrow through sitting and mourning.

1. Stretcher bearers to take the patient to the canvas bed.

2. Ensure the patient assumes a seated position and secure the lap tapes.

3. Pull up the backrest and tie the body and head straps.

4. Restore the wounded to a place of safety to rest and lament.

Ginesa Ortega - Asi Te Veas (Siguiriya) (mp3): The cante jondo approaches the rhythm of the birds and the natural music of the black poplar and the waves; it is simple in oldness and style. It is also a rare example of primitive song, the oldest of all Europe, where the ruins of history, the lyrical fragment eaten by the sand, appear live like the first morning of its life. - Federico Garcia Lorca


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