Jan 16, 2008

As People Say

Pete Circuitt [Bitstate] - Home 0207 (2007)

Plastic Operator - Pleasure Is Mine (mp3): Electropop is vast like the distance left to travel, but intimate like the reason you travel so long just to get home. As people say, that's where the heart is. Or more accurately, where the heart always wants to be.

Plastic Operator - Home (mp3): In this track Pieter and Mathieu at first seem paralyzed, stuck in not knowing. But it's quickly clear they're just lying still, preferring paralysis because it gets your attention. "You don't care" really means "I'm sad you don't care". So, take the time to care that they showed up on your doorstep all the way from the UK just to see you today. At least send a thank you email. [myspace] [buy]


At Friday, January 18, 2008, Anonymous beth said...

Yes, Yes YES!

The peppermint song is good, too.


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