Jan 19, 2008

For The Well-Behaved Pirates in the Audience Tonight

Chris Van Allsburg - Missing in Venice

Crochet'd Machete - Dozens [Missing in Venice] (mp3): Meticulously layered music is usually best in silence... the focus of headphones, the examination of museums, the thought of classrooms. But Crochet'd Machete flourished tonight in the abusive competition of a busy Cafe Montmartre. Live-sampled layers were attempts at being noticed, escalating like need. The loud crowd, then, was the poignant neglect, contrasting like passing a homeless man huddled in a blue construction tarp. This music is the bustle. The cold, the fight, the cry. Claps echo like feet on the pavement. This music is the noise of your persistence tonight and daily. Clutching the pockets of a hounds tooth coat and screaming into a scarf. Building to the climax of the masses.

Pale Young Gentlemen - Fraulein (mp3): If you arrive thawed and on time, imagine the joy to find vocals burning atop a strained neck extension and strings popped with a deep bend in the knee. Tonight the Pale Young Gentlemen were both your parent's wallpaper and the PBR that Elliott Kozel spilled on it during a danceparty while they were out of town. Such resilient energy is gold during Wisconsin winter; its strong example persevering as one important reason not to hibernate.


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