Feb 4, 2008

My Dad Has Some Buildings I Can Have

Blue Noses - Saddam Alive #4 (2007)

PWRFL Power's Kazutaka Nomura gives the most unconvincing reason to be yourself, because it feels good. That's like being nice to someone so they'll share their chocolate milk. Though it often seems to me like your powerful powers can make a larger impact than making your life easy, that may be confusing simplicity for the need to be taught. Kasutaka is so wise that he says things that you didn't think you need to hear. His sincerity is so sincere that it dirties natural like mud. He certainly has something to teach you... if you'll come listen at the Notingham Coop in Madison on 2/28.

PWRFL Power - Okay (mp3)

PWRFL Power - Alma (mp3)


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