Feb 7, 2008

Safe Inside Another Day

Kate 'O Brien - Fred and Ginger

I will live on a mountain of weeks passed and piled. On carcases loved and trash bags filled. On days that hardly seem like today, I will have made it here safe. To tell you all about ascension without climbing, from the view of a summit built piece-by-piece from below. All I ask is your help stitching patches in my coat over proliferating cancers so I may stand proud. And for your piano to my harmony, as the only proper breath of air up here is a song.

Baby Dee - Safe Inside The Day (mp3) [buy]


At Tuesday, February 12, 2008, Blogger Jenny said...

This post (the written portion) reminds me a lot of the bands Mineral and The Gloria Record (essentially the same band, just with a couple rearranged members). I imagined your post read aloud in the offbeat manner in which they recite theirs.


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