Mar 12, 2008

Feigning A Life

Timothy Archibald - from The Last Mascot

Oops he accidentally internalized some of the fakeness he's been wearing. This song is a fork in the eye of the innocent thought that personality will be preserved for years when canned. Sixty-year-old conversations about Medicare and trash collection can't be ignored when they move into the cube next door. Repeating conversations about the weather everyday starts to make one actually care about how chilly the walk home will be - but care in the way that hollowly lacks care - to make one pay attention perhaps... which is all one really has to pay of himself. The sounds of key strokes, no matter how loud the song in the headphones, drown out the spirited sounds outdoors. Never has it been clearer that a career trying to fix problems is a career surrounded by problems. Maybe a career in engineering could create a life that didn't contain them at all.

Astoria - Work My Will (mp3)


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