Mar 11, 2008

From the Floor

Katie Kingma - Tolland Sportsplex

Dance music for me is often an easy way out. A celebration of the sun when I well know that the true work was done by the elves to push it up over the horizon. Or maybe I dreamed that instead of cracking my encyclopedia - lazy. Instead of the cause, synthesizers often feel to me like a fleeting symptom. Like something easy I can grasp, blame without an X-ray, and fix. Plastic beats are this raw reality of their own, pounding on about how superficiality is sometimes even more authentic than pure authenticity. But sometimes I would really just like to know the truth.

Hot Chip - My Brother Is Watching Me (mp3): Speed this up and it's my brother, slow it down and it's the ceiling above my bed with my brother watching down on me.


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