Mar 22, 2008

More Great Songs of 2007: 11-20

Jiro Osuga - The Person Who At A Concert IV (2005)

The weekly countdown continues with ten more great songs from my father's addition to my 100 Great Songs of 2007 series. Our intertwined music experiences are apparent as he features a band that has slept on my couch, a lyric positing psychology hidden in smoking behavior, and a song about the beauty of functioning as a tribe as I fail to join the family for Easter. I think the inclusion of "Be Safe" and "Nature Springs" means he'd understand that sometimes after long weeks inside and on paper, some time spent in a submarine searching for a far away dream is necessary too. Enjoy his great picks, as usual.

11) Band of Horses - Cigarettes, Wedding Bands (mp3)

12) The Clientele - Bookshop Cassanova (mp3)

13) The Cribs - Be Safe (mp3)

14) Fields - Song for the Fields (mp3)

15) Flight of the Conchords - The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room (mp3)

16) The Good, the Bad and the Queen - Nature Springs (mp3)

17) John Vanderslice - Central Booking (mp3)

18) Luka Bloom - Tribe (mp3)

19) Pinback - Good to Sea (mp3)

20) Voxtrot - Introduction (mp3)


At Saturday, March 22, 2008, Blogger Jenny said...

Remember when Voxtrot wanted to go to House on the Rock? Cause of all the things in Wisconsin that was supposed to be THE thing to see....

At Monday, March 24, 2008, Blogger Kyle said...

Yes, they were pretty excited about that.

At Thursday, May 15, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

which of these bands is not fronted by a white male? check the privelege, yo.

At Friday, May 16, 2008, Blogger Kyle said...

I do my best. Do you have recommendations, yo? This "More Great Songs of 2007" feature is my Dad's contribution of songs that I missed in my top 100. I'd be happy if you'd like to curate a post about More More Great Songs Kyle Missed... shoot me an email.


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