Mar 21, 2008

A Slurred Perception

Wendy McMurdo - Roxanne, Entrance Hall, Summerfield House (1997)

Plastic Chord - No Windows (mp3): This is a spring night spun into a winter dither. Deep steps waddle unsettled and careen between embankments like the drunken trauma of a Fort Drum soldier. Its sound bakes porous like cookies that don't pool in a circle, but slowly break and crumb like Pangaean coastlines. Near the end of the night, the chords begin to climb... slurring about inoculated clones and following (though aimlessly) the twinkling xylophone lullabye, the semicircular canals, the North Star that always seems to get us up the stairs to bed in this state.

[Plastic Chord plays tonight (Friday) at the Project Lodge at 7pm]


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