Mar 28, 2008

Snow on Seattle Cherry Blossoms

Cai Guo-Qiang - Inopportune: Stage One (2006)

Sketching a Cincinati girl at the hostel who is breaking this spring from becoming a librarian. Some companies hire library
students to manage their record systems, she defends. Taking a misguided reccomendation for cheap dining and matching experimental $30 platings of oxtail and goose liver with $14 glasses of smoky scotch. Watching traditional Korean dancing and only being able to think about basic training of the Korean National Guard. Running into Eric Elbogen from Say Hi To Your Mom outside a strip club. To clarify, neither of us were at the strip club, just on the street outside it. Being sold thirteen-year-old Native American girls by an overwieght elder who explains that their parents will accept an SUV in exchange. Eating warm Russian potato pastries from a cart and not being bothered by the pervasive smell of seafood in the open air market. Marveling at seven exploding Ford Tauruses flung through the air and interpreting it as a Ballard-esque commentary on American terrorism. Observing huge flakes of snow settle lightly on fresh cherry blossoms.

Johanna Kunin - Fireflies (mp3)


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