Apr 30, 2008

IUPAC Nucleic Acid Codes

Hans Bernhard - Self Portrait (2002)

"have you ever felt the real randomness in full control and in full impact? time changes direction, constantly, 4 dimensionally, the backvector works against the waterflow of time as we agreed on knowing it, the feeling of randomness takes control over ratio and emotions, one touch of your hand could lead to something else somewhere else by someone else to something else to something else to something else by someone else with something else multiplied by something else and someone else working on something else somewhere else and divided by something else. a little string of pseudo-randomness, it can't be described, it can only be experienced or not, probably. so my mind went white and i stared deep, frozen and hyper into the nothing, but i was fearful, because randomness means responsability of nature. mankind or specified organism living in our space and time do have very different responsabilites.

psychological cross-reactions are trying to gain control, to be very precise and slow in everything the random-experienced does. but in the end, the mathematical-philosophical concept of random has an overwhelming power over technical analyses of voter behaviour and/or dna-sequences and the world as we "all agreed" on to perceive it."

-- Hans Bernhard [from www.hansbernhard.com]

Ox - Bipolar (mp3)


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