May 10, 2008

Cermonial Fight Between Brutality and Tenderness

Paul Kjelland - Noah (2008)

Paul Kjelland tells his stories with reclaimed wood and creativity from rural Brodhead, Wisconsin and industrial Riverwest. He collects scattered pieces of childhood dwellings, fences passed on the way to school, and tragedies of demolition and builds his own cityscape for permanent memory. It's a tone of resolve amidst the temporary.

Esaias - Exposure/Fade (mp3): Esaias is just a boy. His tender falsetto balances on a fence of just eighteen years in Lund, Sweden. With a fresh James Dean smirk, this eager song is a either a lonely high school achievement or the first thesis in a body of revolutionary works. To decide, Esaias is cooped up somewhere small and dark pulling antics like underwear elastic, but only recording the hungover aftermath. With friends Jonatan Frenck (guitar), Jonas Bengtsson (bass), and Johan Stubbergaard (drums), youthful trials will be recorded in shallow sighs on an EP supposedly titled "But Hey Take a Cookie Instead".


At Thursday, May 15, 2008, Blogger Sarah said...

I love Paul's work and that he uses reclaimed wood from Brodhead (which is also my hometown)


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