May 27, 2008

Everyone That I See, They Act Like They're Indifferent

Today's musical offering is a very special one. It comes from some optimistic place between Brooklyn and Noodles & Company on State Street where strangers do nice things for each other. Derek, who calls his music Computerization, believes music right now is too heavily based on the performer and not enough on the audience - with bands creating music to show off how smart they are, caring more about appearing to be a good musician than making music that people enjoy.

But not Derek's music. He wants to write a song about you. And me. Just below a coy self-consciousness that calls the project both a gimmick and a philosophical statement, he will gladly customize a song to your liking for only nine dollars. You choose the topic, the speed, the instruments... Derek writes your song and sends it to you. Seriously. What will it sound like? Sincerity. Hilarity. Self-Pity. Synergy. Uncomfortable Intimacy.

This is what he has to say about order your own song here.

Computerization - Just Sayin Is All Is Your Answer (mp3)

Computerization - 1.14me (mp3)


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