May 13, 2008

JustSayin Summer Concert Series: Laura Barrett

Laura Barrett - Robot Ponies

Not to distract from the highly anticipated Old Time Relijun show coming up next week, but here's another exciting announcement from the JustSayin Summer Concert Series. You've never heard the thumb piano played with such zeal, if you've heard it played at all. Laura Barrett uses her thumbs like palms on congos, agressively plucking the kalimba's tactile percussion into graceful melodies. Pitchfork says she's your "quirky, crafty, half-hip/half-nerdy friend who miraculously managed to escape puberty with her imagination fully intact and who never ceases to charm you with her wiles and whimsy." And that she "stands to do for the indie world's perception of the thumb piano what Joanna Newsom did for the harp". No small task for two thumbs and a dream about My Little Ponies taking over the world in the clean '50s of this new decade.

Laura Barrett (TORONTO)
quirky, imaginative kalimba

The Great White Jenkins (VIRGINIA)
psychedelic, gospel rock


The Project Lodge
Friday, May 30th [7pm]
$5 (all ages)


Laura Barrett - Deception Island Optimists Club (mp3)

The Great White Jenkins - Wind (mp3) [live video]


At Wednesday, May 14, 2008, Blogger Elizabeth said...

NO!!! I'm going to be in California. Not acceptable. I just got turned on to Laura Barrett through your blog, and now you're bringing her here and I won't be here.

At Wednesday, May 14, 2008, Blogger Kyle said...

Oh no... want us to call you from the show?


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