May 5, 2008

Like Coffeeshops for Alcoholics

*Koya Abe's attorney has requested that the image be removed from this post. Many visual artists view their work as proprietary and not for public display and discourse. This blog, however, exists to aggressively disagree and posit that intelligent discussion of and links to art that is already posted on the web only increases its impact and relevance.*

Koya Abe - After Napolean In His Study (2007)

Stated plainly: It's all about NOTHINGcontextNOTHING. A guy, 29, sitting in an office instead of a tower. A bricklayer in a different place in time, an account manager in this one. He still portrays himself the scraggly martyr in thick rimmed glasses by getting his light from candles (from Ikea). It took years for him to pack away the polyester and wear coarse sweaters of interconnectedness with the soil subtext of history. The places walked to, sat in, left - all with opposition to yesterday and progression to tomorrow, but without confrontation. The day you sat in today is the natural protest. Like coffee shops for alcoholics.

Frightened Rabbit - The Modern Leper (mp3)


At Saturday, May 24, 2008, Blogger Kyle said...

Nobody even mentioned that this song was mislabeled... Are you even here... are you listening? Hello?


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