Jun 7, 2008

True Love Is A Shotgun Wedding

Anastasia Cazabon - Tree (from Stories)

Holding hands with Anastasia Cazabon (whose photographs I've been featuring this week), Nashville's Caitlin Rose tells stories of an evolving country. She speaks in a new generation of American twang and "Im-a-gonnas" about another generation of young American alcoholics falling in love at backyard weddings. The stories are old themes voiced with a new ease and energetic pace. They're fearlessly grainy in the same way that the black and white photographs of the 1970s differ from those in the 1950s. In the way that writing about evolution is no longer about getting richer, sleeker, or more efficient. Hers are evolutionary stories in surprising but truthful directions, where sometimes dead flowers mean so much more than live ones. It's the sound of a future grown out of the past, but not out of its expectations.

Caitlin Rose - Dead Flowers (mp3) [buy]


At Friday, June 13, 2008, Anonymous beth said...

i feel like that girl, becuase my hair is getting so long and it gets caught in things :)


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