Jul 20, 2008

From a Minnesota Hole

Bob Dylan - Untitled

Let the following be Nic's introduction (without the enthusiastic bear hug he'd characteristically impart). He's a valued friend who will be contributing weekly in our format of art - words - music... and I'm excited to have him.


I am from Minnesota. You know, the one that’s cold, and filled with quaint little folk. I want to share a secret with you. Don’t tell anyone…but, Minnesota has one of the best music scenes in the country.

So, every week I will tell you about one of my favorite little secrets.
This first week, I want to get Minnesota’s most famous musician out of the way. Before it all he started quiet. He started small. Guitar, voice, hamonica dusty road. Bob Dylan didn’t invent what he did, he was a drop in a river. These songs show the vulnerable. The lovestruck kid from the iron range, his heart a deep hole. Listen for him scratching his way out. Listen for the heart. Let him make you feel trapped again. Let him make you remember. Let him go. - Nic

Bob Dylan - Dink's Song [Home Recording] (mp3)

Bob Dylan - Don't Think Twice, It's All Right [Demo Version] (mp3)


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This is right up my alley.


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