Jul 28, 2008

Trees Lay By

Tim Simmons - Leapish Moss Wood Path (2004)

At the end of the day I will find a tree to sit and sink by. To ease into the soil and press my tissue up against its roots. The grits of my bone coarse against the soft bark and my breath warm against its leaves. A spirit stays grounded in space only as long as space stands still. Then it becomes grounded the evolution of every second, of every year until it falls into the sea. I will be visited only by songs about trees and Josephine Foster who will know me by a slight touch of her finger in the puddle of my potassium and a touch to her lips.

Josephine Foster - Trees Lay By (mp3)

Josephine Foster - The Garden Of Earthly Delights (mp3)


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Great post. One of the best!


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