Aug 16, 2008

Built Backwards From the End of the Cassette

Clarence Morgan - Reworked Iconography (2005)

In a sweat stained-basement or onstage at the dingy watering hole: this what we seek. This is where we find the music that we burn for. This is where it finds us. It’s not at your patted-down by hired hands, heavily air-conditioned, megamall concert plexes. You can’t find them opening up the stadium for Coldplay. You won’t see any tweens tearing them up like they are the second coming of the Jonas Brothers. You won’t even find them being cried all over by the blogosphere.

You will find them where passion drips from the walls. Where you play because you want to – where you play because you need to. Rhythm is racing hearts. The melody moves boulders. Bouncer Fighter is musically generous – bordering on destructive. They scratch and claw at the ceiling. You’ll leave in pieces.

The Midwest be warned. Bouncer Fighter is filling up the van and heading from Minneapolis to Chicago and back. Check their myspace page for dates. Madison, you are up first. They play Sunday at Frequency.

This is a special extra dirty live track.

- Nic

Bounce Fighter - Grizzly Bears and Electric Chairs (mp3)


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